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It's December 1st and Bills Are Due!

It's the first of the month!!

Every 1st I have a lovely practice of sitting down and reviewing my calendar for the month prior, writing down victories and joys and areas I can grow in the month ahead. The lists are quite long and full of love. But it wasn't always this way.

After this review, I turn on meditation music and prepare my client invoices for the coming month. I used to be nervous when sending invoices. Will the client see my work as valuable? Will I have accomplished the required work to justify another month of retained services? Will the money inbound balance to the required money outbound? Have I managed my cash flow? Will everything be ok?

Then, I replaced fear with love.

Over the last several months, I have delighted in the 1st of the month, knowing the work I do is valuable and that I have a positive impact in my client's businesses, market share, and strategic opportunities. I have enjoyed growing income, a new beautiful office, and the excitement of bigger challenges and opportunities.

I love my clients and truly enjoy the work I do. I have extraordinary businesses that enjoy my expertise, my management strategy, my marketing mind, and what I have to offer them.

It all comes down to replacing the fear with love. I am not afraid of opportunity or the ebbs and flows of abundance. I love opportunity and the curves of life. I am divinely grateful for the gifts I have been given and the opportunity to work with beautiful businesses determined to succeed. I am in love with growth!

In this confusing climate of frustration, and chaos, it is easy to be swallowed by the anger or fear of those around you. However, a mentor of mine reminded me that we only hear / see/ feel reflections from others that we choose to receive. Focus on love of what you do, love for who you do it with, and love for the journey you've had.

Step away from fear. It's all yours to release.

Happy Advent, Friends.



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