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Women, Where Are You? Oh yeah, and I got ink in the Wall Street Journal.

In mid July, I sent an email out to a few thousand people in the UCLA Anderson alumni database. The message was pretty simple. Hey everyone, thank you for helping by volunteering for the program I run. Hey girls, would you help too? It returned a cool response and more women started raising their hands to volunteer and mentor.

Then something entirely wonderful incredibly awesome happened, but I wasn't sure I could tell anyone. A writer at the Wall Street Journal contacted me and asked if I would be willing to participate in a story he was doing on precisely that challenge. I said "yes" and inhaled deeply. I knew that the people I worked for wouldn't be all that excited to see my name in print. In an ironic twist, shining bright wasn't really allowed in the gig I had. It was more of a "team" approach. I had myself become afraid to raise my hand and take ownership of my own success.

But now two months later, I am really pleased to share with you this article. You know what - I should have shared it back in August. As I am launching my own company Delight Wipes, I've also got a new lease on my shine. It's going to be bright.

I have the extraordinary honor of helping my fiancé's two little girls navigate their tween years and along with their smart as a whip and talented mom, their passionate and brilliant dad have been working to help them relate to more strong feminine role models. Understanding that beautiful IS powerful, is something that I want for every girl and woman out there. Beautiful IS powerful simply means that being a feminine, intelligent, talented and passionate woman is in fact a powerful thing. There is no difference between the two. I want them to know that. I want them to feel powerful.

So here you go. I got covered in the Wall Street Journal a few months back and it felt unbelievable. Thank you John Greathouse for this article and this dialogue. I look forward to continuing it with you.

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