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My Vagina Was Never My Business Plan (A not blog from Caution Curves Ahead)

Hitting the Brick Wall

For the last eighteen months I've had a decently paying job doing something I love at a university I am proud to be associated with. I have enjoyed being entrepreneurial in a stable environment and have found a way to do good and sorta kinda do well. However, it doesn't pay enough to live alone and maintain a single woman in her mid thirties lifestyle.

Between rent, utilities, a gym membership, internet/cable and a phone bill, I have around $800 a month left for everything else, if my only income is from my full time job. Like literally $25 per day for food, gas, and anything that comes up. (Cue cat meow in the background reminding me that they need to be fed as well even though the vet cost $247 yesterday.) Realistically, that put me about $1500 a month short of what would make my lifestyle comfortable and $3,000 per month short of what would allow me to start preparing for a future. Live in the present???

So where does the extra cash flow come from? Well...... I could get a better job....... well, I could get a roommate (because that's what every woman in her mid/late thirties wants) or well..... I could find a man...... Wait what???? Seriously????? Did I legitimately just type that?

Of late as I have been exploring the next chapter for myself and preparing to either find a new brilliant job or launch my own business (or both), I've realized this would be a whole lot easier if there was a fellow income earner in my life. I mean splitting rent, cable, and insurance alone would be helpful!!! Can anybody say family plan? Suddenly that $1500 a month would just magically appear..... Suddenly stability of resting my head at night next to my mate knowing that I wasn’t just all on my own, but part of a team would really be empowering.

I have a solid boyfriend in a fantastic relationship, but we don't live together and I am legitimately considering expediting the process, ignore some of my reservations about moving in before he’s divorced, simply so I will have more stability. This is the strangest quandary I have ever found myself in. How am I, the bad ass do it on her own self sustaining achiever legitimately viewing her vagina as her business plan???

I look at friends of mine in relationships and must admit, I envy their freedom. Not freedom of ability to go out and get all crazy on a Saturday, but instead their ability to not HAVE to buy generic. I really have convinced myself that generic Listerine from Target is just as good..... Long ago, I traded in my not so good relationship for a life upgrade to become the woman I could respect and admire. But right now that woman, that independent bad ass woman, could really use a flatmate.

My beau and I were discussing the whole idea of a woman not "needing" a man. Of course that remains entirely true, but for those girls out there with two incomes, I'll admit it. I'm jealous. My business plan remains steadfast and I am going to create abundance and success for myself. However, I'm beginning to think that my vagina might be an asset to the plan.

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