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How is your day going to go?

Summers McKay

Our alarm went off at 5:55 am and was ignored.

At 6:16 we realized that our oldest child's alarm was also ignored.

We now had exactly 34 minutes before the front door needed to shut behind them as he took our teenager to the bus for the last day of the first full week of sophomore year of high school.

We scrambled (and I mean both the eggs and the morning's organization), drank day old coffee, discussed assignments that were due and projects to be completed, gave kisses, and the door closed only about 6 minutes behind schedule. I took a deep breath and poured hot water into the tea-pot, figuring I could get two hours of grading in before the littler one awoke.

Then the door -reopened with the scrambling of forgotten school supplies. I cheerily said, "How was your day? I'm sure you knocked it out of the park with your test, and you must be really proud of all you accomplished!" I was treated to a humored and enthusiastic response,

"Yep, it was a fantastic day! I forgot my (school required) iPad and charger, but it was still a great day!"

This unusual teenage optimism got me thinking about the law of attraction, seeing yourself in the future, vision boards and the like. I do all of that, quite a bit. In fact, I am currently clipping images for my next vision board, because I need a new one about every 3 years. Yet, even I can take it one step further!

What if part of our daily practice could become forecasting with absolute certainty,

"Today was a great day!"

That way, when the garbage disposal breaks, the washing machine rejects it's sole purpose in life, the cat returns grass to you in a terribly unappealing way, you don't get all the grading done you need to get done, and your work doesn't end up precisely how you intended it to end up, you can happily remind yourself,

"Today was a great day!"

I've had my Caution Curves Ahead coffee mug for what seems like the last decade, with one of my many morning mantras,

"The morning is yours to claim.

The day is yours to create."

and today, I am reminded of that. Yes, there are outside forces that can affect our experiences, and ultimately - we are the ones who create our day.

I was up until about midnight last night preparing for the re-launch of Caution Curves Ahead. I am excited to get back to story telling and exploring with you all as I dash heart first into my 40th year. Between now and February 6, 2018, I have a feeling a LOT of things are going to change in my life. I imagine the same is also true for you.

And that's all I've got for now. I have some grading that needs to be done and a module to release for my students.




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