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What's your gut telling you?

And now, a micro blog: What's your gut telling you? Instinct, intuition, inspiration are curated skills. Like anything, we can choose to become better at the skill of using our intuition to make authentic and powerful decisions. I personally have been working on this a great deal this last month, and it has made a difference in how I feel about what happens around me. Believe me I don't always want to listen to my intuition, because it can be quite terrifying. And when I do it usually works out for the better. This morning, Dawn and I went for a much overdue walk on the sand. It was far too hot and we were dripping with sweat just a mile in. We looked at the ocean and thought that is where we should be. We stripped off our shirts and jumped straighten wearing Sports bras that look enough like swimsuits to count. Precious pup Suzy swam in with us too, because well that's what pups do. A four minute ocean leap, and there we were refreshed joyous and ready to listen to all other gut instincts that come-up today. A day made perfect, by honoring our simplest desires. So I encourage you listen to your gut and if it tells you to jump in the ocean, start a new business, take a new job, fire a shitty client, or move on from something that is holding you from success - go for it! Life's too precious not to step into your intuition.

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