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Change is happening

Thank you to all who have shown up in support this past week.

You are right, I was fed up and needed to make some serious changes in how I am showing up in my own life and who and how I let others show up. Reclaiming my climb is step one. I am making some big commitments to my own future starting with the decision to reclaim my love of climbing alone.

Somehow, hiking became at someone else's discretion, instruction, restriction, and something I felt guilty doing on my own. That's officially done. I love being covered in sweat, sand, dirt and hearing the sound of my heart leaping out of my chest while I watch hawks circle. I am also getting very comfortable with the idea of shutting down Summers Love Company, selling off all remaining inventory at great prices by the end of September. I am proud of what I accomplished and most people never actually bring a product to market and sell thousands of units. I did.

Now, I am excited to get back into my self and my creative writing soul through a relaunched Caution Curves Ahead journey, 40 to 40. 40 hikes, 40 ocean swims, 40 hot yoga classes and 40 blogs between now and my 40th birthday on February 6th. Join me and make your own commitments. There will be a place for you in the Caution Curves Ahead world. The First Millennial Turns 40 has a nice ring to it, doesn't It? Here's to growth by shedding old leaves, trimming back unimportant vines, and basking in the sun.



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