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Not Summer Loving...

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July 26, 2016 by Summers Love Company

Dear Love Tribe,

Summers in deep thought

Sometimes you just don’t have it in you to be romantic. Sometimes life becomes so intense, obligations become overwhelming, the kids, the bills, the job, the family, the world makes it difficult to look at your mate and think “gosh, I wanna make out with him.” This week, I want to discuss with you all about the times in between the romance and the bliss.

We have all had it. In fact, you might be there right now. I know that with the pressures of launching a business, both being entrepreneurs, and my own concerns with independence, have had my husband and I pushed to the absolute max. Yep, it’s true. The love company founder is sort of sick of love.

So if even I am over it, what does it mean for the future? How do we get back on track? Do we even need to?

I think the best choice we get to make is to not dwell in the frustration, the exhaustion, the bickering and the grumpiness. Feel it all, write it out, and put it aside and stop trying to “fix” your relationship. Instead, just start treating yourself how you’d like to be treated and treat your mate the same. Be kind and be selfish for a little bit. Is selfishly kind a thing?

For me, it’s covering myself with Coconut Allover Lube after a shower and feeling my own sense of feminine self. It’s cherishing a cup of tea, a morning meditation, and then getting my ass in gear and accomplishing things. It’s not worrying about my mate, and instead worrying about me.

So this week, worry about you! Love you! Get what you need to get done for you.



Keep Calm and LOVE YOU

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