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#RiseNShine Darlings! My Deepest Desires & Let's Do Some Meditation

Good Morning Friends!

It's bright and early and I must admit, I welcome sunrise like none other. I am perhaps one of the few that adores this time change. Here's a little ‪#‎RiseNShine inspiration for you.

I just kicked off a 21 day meditation commitment with these free guided meditations from Deepak Chopra and Oprah. I absolutely love these and sharing twenty minutes a day with myself is a hugely renewing and refocusing experience. This one is all about alignment of your hopes and dreams with your actuality.

Here are my desires, how bout yours?

1) I desire most a fulfilling and inspiring company that brings joy, abundance, passion and healing to my customers and colleagues.

2) I desire a healthy and strong body nourished by good food, good exercise, good air and a good spiritual practice.

3) I desire a partner that is healthy, ambitious, passionate, kind, adventurous and has intrinsic self-respect.

4) I desire a home that is safe, welcoming and warm - a home that is clean, tidy and has cross breezes to bring air of joy, winds of change and shed the light of opportunity upon us.

5) I desire a family that nurtures, fosters and teaches self-respect and to be the parent of healthy, hard working and curious children.

6) I desire to awaken most days with optimism, enthusiasm and hopeful ambition.

- Like today, I desire more days like today!

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