October 24, 2014

In mid July, I sent an email out to a few thousand people in the UCLA Anderson alumni database. The message was pretty simple. Hey everyone, thank you for helping by volunteering for the program I run. Hey girls, would you help too? It returned a cool response and more women started raising their hands to volunteer and mentor.

Then something entirely wonderful incredibly awesome happened, but I wasn't sure I could tell anyone. A writer at the Wall Street Journal contacted me and asked if I would be...

May 28, 2014

For the last eighteen months I've had a decently paying job doing something I love at a university I am proud to be associated with. I have enjoyed being entrepreneurial in a stable environment and have found a way to do good and sorta kinda do well. However, it doesn't pay enough to live alone and maintain a single woman in her mid thirties lifestyle.

Between rent, utilities, a gym membership, internet/cable and a phone bill, I have around $800 a month left for everything else, if my only income i...

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