January 30, 2015

I once had a boss tell me I should show more cleavage, drink and flirt on a business trip with a potential client. I didn't know how to handle it particularly well, ended up doing as suggested, then telling the client and wound up getting written up for bad judgement by my boss. Another boss told me once, while I was producing shows in a male dominated industry, that it wasn't his fault I was a woman. I should bring it up less. I could go on with examples, but I won't. I left that industry.

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October 31, 2014

We all have way too many things in our lives on a weekly basis to ever feel like we get everything done. Obligations, commitments (real or imagined) and self imposed standards about how we will comport ourselves with one another affect us in huge ways. Whether it's at work, in your friendships, in your family or in your romantic relationships - a lot of time is spent on others and worrying about others.

Long ago I discovered something I have tried very hard never to forget. It's called the Lifegua...

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