Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Love to Laugh - And Where I've Been

First a quick sentence or three on the three month quietude at Caution Curves Ahead and the preceding seventh months of occasional whispering, but general non chatitude of it all.... I had a lot going on.

I found myself exploring a healthy and happy relationship (which one might recognize as terrifying) redefining other relationships (which all might know is.... unsettling), addressing parenthood and childhood (which has been generous and gentle), and being fearful of repercussions of writing/blogging/expressing and how they might affect my livelihood (because... well that's for another day). I was certainly less of a story teller for a bit while in self preservation and personal investigation mode - and that's A - OK. It has however led to a decline in the whole CCA world and I know it will take a bit to recover. Thanks for those who have waited it out.

Tonight, I dip my toe back into the world of sharing life's unexpected curves and passionate or painful bold adventures. Earlier today I sat and embraced an ocean view I have loved for a decade and practiced a few farewells. I am leaving the safety (and static peace) of a full time job to start a new company and with that comes the requirements of a new home base. My beach retreat and I are gently bidding adieu.

I decided to sit on the beach this evening with a glass of wine and read a book from home. I chose The Art of Happiness from my bookshelf and was surprised to realize it was a book that a dear friend from high school had passed onto me nearly fifteen years ago. She'd received it from her aunt and uncle on her 21st birthday, and somehow it landed on my bookshelf.

I got to thinking about happy, about joy, about a true love of life and I realized that one of the greatest gifts we offer one another is laughter. As a little girl, I watched Mary Poppins with absolute fervor. My dad and I danced to the scenes and my mom knew every line with me. There is a precious scene where humor launches even the staunchest of pessimists into floating hilarity. I still today have dreams about laughing so hard, I float above the room.

Relationships, businesses, families are all opportunities to create joy and to create play. They require hard work, focus, respect and an intrepid spirit to make successful. Ultimately for me, it's all about creating an opportunity for laughter, in my relationship, in my family, and in those I write for and work with.

So, I'm back to writing and risking all that I might risk with writing, because laughter, love and joy are what I'm meant to do. That's my job folks...  I love to laugh, loud and long and clear! 

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