Monday, November 4, 2013

I Don't Like it Gentle, Be Selfish and 13 Other Lessons from the Climb

It's been three weeks since I returned from the most ass kicking journey I have ever attempted.

I'm just your average blue eyed blonde, mischief making, Pasadena raised, spin class attending, weekend camel-bak wearing, hiking, beach-bound ocean playing, princess who is downright determined to "make an impact" because according to some feels oodles of liberal guilt.... And honestly. I'm kinda spent. 

I think Kilimanjaro finally knocked my voluptuous ego
on my curvy ass.

For the last two years I have shared my stories with the world on this blog. My adventures in business school, my heartbreak post divorce and the process of learning to date were all presented quite candidly to all y'all. From the first date to the fortieth many of you have read about just what it was like to test out the boundaries of relationships, personal branding, business and capital endeavors, social media discovery, romantic exploration, and all sorts of career adventures.

On Caution Curves Ahead, my healing from a confused post divorcee, post reality tv producer to entrepreneur and educator has been well laid out. It has been pretty amazing and I am grateful for your support as an enthusiastic audience. The truth is, I climbed Kilimanjaro to set my stake in the ground, to demonstrate I was intrepid, and to heal - with each oxygen deprived step - another iteration of a great Summers Love turned Broken Heart. Yes, once again... Seriously why do I keep doing that?

I have great news.
I think I've finally reached a top, a resting point,
a pinnacle of some kind.

I don't remember actually writing these, but a day or two after I came down from Kilimanjaro, I flipped through my journal and found my Lessons From The Climb. Whether it was the 102+ fever, or the altitude, or the bronchitis - I dunno, but the honesty of these lessons resonates with me back at sea level.

Here they are - simple, clear, and yours to do with as you journey ahead. #GetClimbing

Lessons from the Climb.

1. Every step counts. Witness and experience them.

2. It WILL be incredibly hard. Choose the path because it will be hard. Gentle and easy does not inspire you.

3. The only person you MUST take care of is yourself. Put all other's needs second.

4. There are those on the trail who will need your help. Stop and help them if you are strong enough.

5. Carry lots of water. You will be thirsty. You won't be the only one who is.

6. Don't be afraid to cry, but do so discerningly.

7. You are not alone. There are many others in stride.

8. God and your Angels will protect you. Know who they are. 

9. Listen to nature. It plays the most beautiful music.

10. Find your stride. March to it. Others will have a different cadence. Don't worry about their steps.

11. Stay warm - in your attire and demeanor.

12. Bring a playlist of stories and songs that will help you. You will need them near the top.

13. Don't bring a heavy book. You will not need the extra weight and you will feel like a dick making your porter carry it for you.

14. Ask probing questions. You will learn more.

15. Everything makes sense at 3500 meters. Only important things make sense at 4900 meters.


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