Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kilimanjaro - Day 4.5

So about two hours after that last snuggly pic, it was warm again on Kilimanjaro and the Barranco Wall, the very terrifying kissing rock, and another 1,600 feet were done... eight more hours in the day left to keep hiking before summit time. — in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

My adorable Yosemite, Peanuts shirt says, Let's Go Hiking. Who's in? #GetClimbing - Summers McKay

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A Power Blonde Gets Camera Ready - 1 Min - 5 Minute Makeover Not much more too it than that! Here's how I go from just a wee bit mid workday drab, to super camera cute for appearances like the ones on Huff Post Live! It's a five minute job if you start with the right tools. I'm a Laura Mercier and Nars kinda girl!