Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So I'm a Jerk.... But I Really Lost Interest When It Was a Boy

In a lot of cultures around the world, the mother and father of a newborn breathe a sigh of relief when the little one pops out with a penis. Thanking God that they have been able to give birth to the more valuable sex, families celebrate the birth of a son. Recently an adorably royal duo did the same and I, Summers McKay, am totally NOT super excited.

I grew up in a household that was very, very into all things Diana and all things Windsor. I am not sure if it's my actual first memory, but I watched that wedding on VCR over and over and over. I sorta vaguely remember seeing Diana in the back of a car leaving Buckingham on my first trip to London, although there is a rough chance I dreamt that as a twelve year old. I sobbed in my sorority house in Berkeley at 3 am watching her funeral. I definitely DVR'd Kate and William's wedding. (Really ... Posh Spice??? Wow)

I'm conditioned to love all things royal, but this time...
I'm like "meh"....

Let's be frank. A baby is joyous, special and precious no matter what the gender. But here it goes.... I was a little bummed it was a boy......

I am instead looking forward to the day when we trumpet the little girl! I look forward to the day when she isn't the after thought - or the sweet second child that makes a family the perfect 2+ picket fence, but instead was the outright goal! Hooray!!!! We have a baby girl!!!!!!

I spoke with my own parents yesterday and admitted that I think this might make me a terrible future mother. There is a distinctly clear possibility that I won't be AS happy when I find out I'm pregnant with a little dude than I might if it's a little chick. Kinda makes me think I should pursue adoption, because what mother should be disappointed in the gender of her child??? (Oh wait - pretty much every mother who ever rooted for a little boy...)

Now I don't have a kid and I can only pray that someday I will be blessed with the honor of being a mom. I am sure no matter what the gender, I will melt mercilessly for my child.

I will however admit, to the dismay of many, that I was super rooting for a triumphant little girl. I hope George's first kid is a female one.  She deserves to be Queen.


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