Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm tired of writing.... instead here's someone who inspires me!

My dear friend and mentor, Zhena Muzyka and I sat down for a conversation about what has made her the success she is today. As I finalize the curriculum for a personal branding class I am teaching this summer at UCLA Anderson, I am reminded it's all about authenticity.

Zhena is one of the most authentic people I know and if you need a dose of that today, here you go! It's a two parter, so maybe that's a double dose.... either way - Cheers!

Zhena Muzyka interviewed by producer Summers McKay on Inspiration Inc. Part 1 
This week we turn our attention to Inspiration Inc. host, Zhena Muzyka, to learn how personal adversity, the magic of Ojai and boundless tenacity resulted in a mission-driven tea and story-telling empire. Produced and directed by Summers McKay. 

Zhena Muzyka & Summers McKay Getting Unstuck on Inspiration Inc. Part 2 
Everyone knows what it feels like to have too much to do to actually know where to start. Zhena Muzyka shares her ritual of thinking through a list of challenges over a cup of tea and how reflective rituals can offer a reset to get started again. We also learn about Zhena's next chapter and her upcoming book, Life by the Cup. When starting a new project, you must have a clear vision and intention. Explore Zhena's vision board and start to craft your own. Based on a firm belief that business that does good is good for business, this episode of Inspiration Inc. launches Zhena's version of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In. It's time to Start Something Good. Produced & Directed by Summers McKay 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A Power Blonde Gets Camera Ready - 1 Min - 5 Minute Makeover Not much more too it than that! Here's how I go from just a wee bit mid workday drab, to super camera cute for appearances like the ones on Huff Post Live! It's a five minute job if you start with the right tools. I'm a Laura Mercier and Nars kinda girl!