Saturday, June 1, 2013

Alright - It's Official. I am going to be a Mom!

I've had oodles of ambition my entire life, but it wasn't until just recently that I realized what it might
all be for!

 I am plain and simply meant to be a mom. 

That's why I have this brain, these skills, this education. I'm supposed to use it to LEAN the heck IN and afford a family!!!

I started babysitting at 12. My ability to be maternal was innate. New moms everywhere hand me their infants and feel safe. Toddlers reach out for my hand shortly after we've met and teens and I definitely get on quite well. For goodness sakes, I even think of my students as my 'kids'. My desire to nurture is profound.

But when I got unmarried, I thought I'd certainly have to put the pursuit of motherhood on hold. You need a guy for that right?

So then I dated - and dear God we all know.... 
I dated and dated and dated. 

In fact... I sorta wrote the book on dating .... and I did actually meet someone. I then fell for that someone but the timing was wrong. Chemistry, while off the charts, couldn't override that sense of dread that he just wasn't ever going to be my mate.

I could have just stuck around treading water hopefully for the happily ever after. And then I would have ended up in my forties, single, broken hearted and without being a mom.

So that's not going to happen. 
Here's what's going to happen instead. 

A life full of confusing romantic heartbreak is hardly a good goal. 
A life full of children and love and impact is far better.

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