Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sharkbait, Breathe In - Breathe Out and Strength & Courage

This morning I started training with Tower 26......

I swear.... I'm not delicious!!!

I've set out to actually compete in the upcoming Nautica Malibu Triathlon, (instead of just show up and play in the water, then on a bike, and then walk really really fast on the strand like I did last year). I want to place in the top 5 of the women's mountain bike division in the International Distance. (1.5K Swim, 40k Bike, 10k Run)

So I signed up to train with a group of insanely in shape and kick ass elite athletes. This morning at 5:30 AM, I pulled into the parking lot of Ocean Park and the ocean. I wrestled my - not so in shape shape (because of all sorts of reasons from desperate job searches, to sprained ankles, to flus, to not having a gym, to well - just not putting it first) into my surfing wetsuit and walked stiffly like a wobbly sea lion pup to the tower, amidst a sea of over 150 graceful dolphin types.

For those who don't spend a lot of time in the ocean, a surfing wetsuit is thicker and puffier and makes one look like a delicious seal, while a swimming wetsuit is far closer to a shark warding off dolphin's skin.

We jogged for a mile down the beach, headed into the water out about 500 yards and then swam the mile back.. well.... if it were only that easy.

My heart pounded on the jog down, my thick suit squeaking and shooshing with every stride. I chanted,  

"Breathe In - Breathe Out
      Breathe In - Breathe Out"  

and I made it. 

Then, I swam upstream and felt like sharkbait... the slowest seal pup in the herd, as the dolphins dashed past. I chanted

"Strength & Courage" 

with every single stroke and I made it. (nearly last, but I made it in time for the cool down).

When my friend, the previous winner of the ENTIRE Nautica Triathlon, asked me how I felt, I responded,  

"Great, terrified - but great. 
I'll get lighter, faster and stronger."

And that's what it's really all about kids.

Give that scary thing a try. 
State your intention. 
Take a leap. 

That's a lesson I learned from this week's guest on Inspiration Inc. Audrey Cavenecia. ENJOY

Entrepreneur & Branding Expert Audrey Cavenecia and Zhena Muzyka discuss the founder's dilemma. Entrepreneurs when presented with the opportunity to sell their company must choose partners they can trust and develop relationships that can evolve with the business. Cavenecia is currently working with Oracle's Larry Ellison on the development of Hawaii's 6th largest island, Lanai. Discovering how to build a business that changes the face of a community and an entrepreneur who has the courage to reinvent is what Inspiration Inc. is all about.

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