Friday, May 24, 2013

I've Got A Major Crush on Triathlete, Entrepreneur, Story Telling Mom Jes MaHarry

I've got a major guru crush.....

A few weeks ago I clarified my goals and set forth making a vision board. I am going to figure out how to turn my ideas, my words, my stories and my ability to inspire and educate into an empire. I am also going to seriously compete in an upcoming triathlon. I am going to do this because I want to be able to afford a healthy home for some precious little ones.

I want to be a story telling, empire building, mom!

And then I met a woman who's done precisely that!

Meet iconic jewelry designer Jes MaHarry, the artist, triathlete, philanthropist, mommy who worked in a flower shop, as a waitress and now has massive empire built on pretty sparkly inspirational fancy things. Taking a passion to help people and marrying it with a creative way to convince the Sundance Catalog to carry her jewelry, Jes MaHarry shares with Zhena Muzyka how she is building something good one precious bauble at a time. Produced & Directed by Summers McKay

When you have a chance to find new role models, it's incredibly special. You get to re-imagine your future. I have always had a lot of ambition, but without clarity of purpose - it seems to get stuck. I am now decidedly unstuck. I have a goal and a reason for it.

This weekend, take some time to unwind and make lists of what you want for your future and your present. Pull some pictures out of magazines and start collecting images for your own vision board. What do you really want out of life? What will make you happiest? How will you find joy?

If you don't know for sure 
what you want your life to be, 
find a new role model!
Triathlete, Entrepreneur, Author, Mom
I'm going to pull out that year old manuscript of Naked with Chanel No. 5 and get to work on what the book is really about.

Sunny with a chance of Blockbusters? 
I think so.

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