Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why Lean In is a Must Read & Tinkerbell is a Should Watch - FOR EVERYONE who is or has a mother, sister, daughter or wants a wife!!!!

Last weekend, I inherited a grown up car.

I've owned two cars. The first, a 1988 325I Silver Blue BMW convertible we called Baby Blue and I drove her from the age of 16 to 27. We drove up and down the Cali coast to and from Berkeley and then to and from anywhere I could go - singing Life is a Highway for my most formative years, and I learned early -  

I wanna drive it. All night long!!!

The second, a 2005 AWD black 92x Saab, was called the Black Booty because her trunk was almost always packed with adventurey stuff. "Summers, do you live in your car?" 

The answer, "no." but there is no doubt at any given moment I might need spin shoes, bungee cords, a tent, a LOT of beach blankets, roller blades, fins, a change of clothes, extra running shoes, a bikini and raisins.

Not apocalypse readying ... impromptu adventure readying.

Last weekend, I landed in a Prius. An insanely generous gift from my dad who was ready for a new car and sold Black Booty and moved my "I Feed the Bears" decal from the front window to my new front window, and sat in the Prius.

She doesn't have a moon roof. She's silver. She's very grown up.

At the same time I landed in my new grown up car, I finally had time to listen to Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In. It seemed like a good way to bond. I download and listen to audio books on 3x Narrator Speed. It makes things more efficient and I think there's a chance it's making me smarter to listen really fast.***
(*** totally unproven theory)

Here's what I learned in my new grown up car with the uber fast VO of Lean In:

1) Now more than ever it's time to put the pedal to the floor 
and drive this highway of life. 

2) Especially because I'm a girl, it's time to lean into each bend in the road.

3) Now more than ever, it's the time to encourage those around us 
to find their lead foot. 

Ladies, let's drive!

Hearing the experiences of Sheryl while she drove head first into her career and motherhood reminded me of so much that I've grappled with when looking at the rear view of my own curvy road.

Did anybody else know Sheryl married way too early and it didn't work out and then she got married again and seems to be doing just fine!?!?!

Does anybody else know that there was a moment when she realized painfully that being smart made her less likeable and that she dumbed herself down for the sake of a boy and...... (hush) for the sake of some girls?!?!?!?!!

Or that we are all more likely to hold off on raising our hand and instead be demure, because modesty is a quality lauded in girls and aggressive is bad.... but not so much in boys?!?!?!?

Does anybody else remember the day someone told her not to brag or to be bossy and it made her afraid to take charge and lead and be acknowledged for her accomplishments?!?!?!?!

Because OMG I do!!

Succeeding in whatever endeavor you are faced with isn't easy. We must take our natural given talents and excel accordingly. This is where Tinkerbell comes in.

A friend of mine (ok ok ok ok, yes I'll admit it's #34) worked on Tinkerbell and I'd never actually seen it, until this afternoon. After getting all fired up driving up and down PCH to meetings listening to Sheryl, I needed a day at home doing bills. Guess what was there on Netflix?

Why yes, it's a fairytale about a fairy who wants to be extraordinary.

There's this fairy, her name is Tink, and she's really good at certain things, but wishes she was something different. She wishes she could do all sorts of other things, instead of excel at the things she's got God given talent to do. So she tries, she screws up, then she revisits her skills, learns new ways to use them, and figures out how to kick tail with what she's got.

And darlings, that's precisely the point of Lean In. 
You are who you are. 
You have what you need to excel. 
You don't need to sit on your wings and be afraid to fly.

I'd like to think of myself as Sheryl in that first year in Silicon Valley or Tink when she is trying to suss out what to do with a bolt. I've got this. 

If you ARE or KNOW a woman, if you have or are a daughter, if you interact with chicks at any point and are the least bit educated......

YOU MUST read/ listen to Lean In. 
It is simply mandatory. 
You need this frame of reference.

(and if you have an extra 90 minutes some Sunday afternoon, you should probably watch Tinkerbell)

I'll see y'all on the drive..... in my sorta grown up car.

Yep... there had to be flowers and flip flops on the bumper. I'm not all that grown up.

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