Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wanna Get Hot? Put it On the Calendar!

It's time to take off your clothes again. You will soon be bearing flesh and I'm guessing you might be in my boat and ready to tighten it up a bit.... No better way to guarantee you'll make your workout than to calendar it, for the whole world....

I've been in a fitness slump since about mid November. Crazy work schedules and parking lot measuring... twisted ankles from way too high heel walking, a flu of biblical proportions......

A dear friend of mine told me last weekend as I stood with my toes in a frigid pacific optimistically wearing my bikini for the first time since October,

"Don't worry too much, 
you're a natural Jessica Rabbit." 

I could have kissed her!!!

And the good thing is, I'm not that worried. My shape is shaped, but it's time to be in better shape. Time to feel strong, flexible, in charge of my curves. I do best with a plan, so here's the plan.

30 Days: 20 Hot Yoga Classes, 10 Beach Walks, 4 Mountain Hikes

How bout you? Here's my schedule. Wanna keep up and keep in step? Maybe join me for a hike or two? Let's get hot together!

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