Thursday, March 28, 2013

Looks like we're starting something good! Sneak Peak at Inspiration Inc!

Guess What's Coming!!!!!!!!

Cool stuff can happen. Cool stuff happens every day. In particular, I like it when cool stuff happens to me and people I care about. For many years I've said I wanted to tell stories that inspire, empower and create change and finally thanks to a lot of hard work and collaboration with some pretty awesome people, we are on our way. 

Inspiration Inc. a series developed with my colleagues and friends at TV4 Entertainment Inc and my dear friend and mentor Zhena Muzyka is about finding game changers, influencers, ideas to reality makers who are changing the way the world and business works for the better.

So thank you to everyone who is supporting, has supported and wants to support this endeavor. I am pretty sure we are starting something good.

Join Zhena Muzyka as she explores the way businesses are finding profitability and starting something good! In this episode of Inspiration Inc. Paul Rice, President & CEO of Fair Trade USA share his inspiration to start a revolution in agriculture. From his early days in Nicaragua organizing farmers to shepharding social entrepreneurship in the US, learn about the way a business can use fair trade sourcing to improve the value chain of its products. Get inspired and learn a little bit about what it takes to Start Something Good

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A Power Blonde Gets Camera Ready - 1 Min - 5 Minute Makeover Not much more too it than that! Here's how I go from just a wee bit mid workday drab, to super camera cute for appearances like the ones on Huff Post Live! It's a five minute job if you start with the right tools. I'm a Laura Mercier and Nars kinda girl!