Friday, March 8, 2013

In Order to be Great, You Can't Hide Behind a Curtain: Thoughts on Wizards and OZ

I love fairy tales. 
I adore stories. 
I live for adventure. 
A movie is my favorite date. 

For these reasons, I would NEVER turn down an invitation from my friends at Digital LA to come to one of the fantastic influencer screenings put on by Time Warner Cable.  You may recall all the fun we had deciding whether or not we loved werewolves or vampires when I got to go see Twilight! (I heart Jacob)

Well last night, I got to see OZ, The Great and Powerful.

I am occasionally caught between a rock and an optimistic place. I'm incredibly lucky to be invited to such fabulous funness. I don't want that to stop. I am also invited because I'm likely to write about the experience, which is usually a good thing. Giggling with my popcorn and 3D glasses and being entertained is pretty precious. But what happens when you've been invited to spread the word about something that's just not so great?

Someone (definitely NOT my mother) once said, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. My mom on the other hand is about as brutally honest as you can get. I fall somewhere in the middle. So here goes.

Things I Liked About OZ, The Great & Powerful

1)  It was beautiful. I'd like to go there. I'd like to sit on those massive mountains and float in pretty bubbles across the gorgeous 3D land. I actually did dream about the Emerald City last night and smile at the thought of the river fairies!

2) There's a really funny monkey, voiced by Zach Braff, who is a great complimentary character. His well written, dry sense of humor is a great asset. He was perhaps the most 'real' character. An honest loyal guy who was going to push for what was right, even in a wrong circumstance.

3) There's an adorable sassy China Girl, voiced by Joey King that reminds me of what I'd imagine I'd like to be if I lived in Oz. She's got moxie, a feisty nature and a sweet little heart that actually brought me to tears...

4) The final battle - It was quite exciting and there was a little bit of a surprise that was well executed. Fast paced, move to succeed, bringing it all home fun. I was rooting for those Oz folks.

And Now, Things I Did Not Like

1) The story was weak. I wish it wasn't but it was lame. It seemed like the rough outline of what could have been an intricate and exciting story with hidden meanings and an overall theme of making the world a better place. You know, like the real movie.

2) The live characters performances did not match one another. While James Franco seemed to be playing it all Vaudeville - in a way that made it difficult to take him seriously, the witches were seemingly in different shows. Mila Kunis was in a soap opera, Rachel Weisz was in a dark violent drama, and Michelle Williams was in a Disney movie.

3) There were no red slippers, nor any allusion to red slippers. AND I WORE RUBY RED SLIPPERS!!!! Now I understand that there were probably some rights and trademark issues and traditionally speaking those studios don't play so well together, but there could have been the slightest of reference to one of the witches who had a tailor and cobbler on staff to make her magical garments.... SOMETHING!

There you have it. No curtains, no smoke, nothing to hide behind. I may not get invited back to the next round of 'influencer screenings' which would be a total bummer. Disney may not ever sponsor Caution Curves Ahead and might just try to shut me down, but I have to be honest folks.

This one is definitely a  "wait to see it - unless you have 10 year old kids demanding to see it - then maybe, but make them watch the original too"  kind of movie.

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