Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anatomy of A Virus - Love Sick or The Flu??? Either way Eff You Cupid!!!

Someone I met last Thursday gave me the flu.
Someone I crossed paths with last Thursday gave me the flu.
Someone I touched last Thursday gave me the flu.
Someone touched something I touched last Thursday 
and he gave me the flu..

I don't blame him. He probably had a crappy weekend.

But he infected me with something super powerful 
that was nearly as crippling as love!

Isn't it amazing how we can unintentionally impact people? In our relationships we try oh so very hard not to hurt one another. We try oh so very hard not to break each other, or damage one another, or make things worse for one another. But to those we've never met, by our simple touch, shaking of a hand, touching of a doorknob we can land them on their back, coughing so hard they nearly hurl and make them miss a few days of critical work.

Here's the point. We simply cannot isolate ourselves from the viral nature of this world. No matter how many walls you put up or how many times you use antibacterial soap, whether it's love or the flu - someday you're going to catch it. For some it's more difficult to get over and for others it happens at the least convenient time. For everyone it may leave you feeling a bit unsteady, but odds are, you'll survive it.

So Happy Valentine's Day Kids! Love Generously this year. Simply no reason not to.


Now if you haven't had enough,
enjoy a minute and thirty seconds of my flu....
(because that's not creepy)

Oh look it's Saturday. I'm so happy to be going to work!

Wait, what happened? Why do I feel like this???

i can't breathe.....

i want to cry... screw it... i'm crying...


hmmmmm light at the end of the tunnel?

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