Tuesday, January 15, 2013

RoadRash - Stop Twisting Your Ankle and Just Pick a Smoother Road

(Day 16 - it still hurts)

It turns out that I've got a pretty intimate relationship with the road! I've measured concrete, I've run thousands of miles and walked thousands more on asphalt, and I've sadly recently eaten it too.

Sometimes hanging up the high heels and the tight rope for a while
 is the way to go. 

Every two years or so I get some sort of ridiculous injury and most of the time it's when I should stop, think, and breathe.

In 2009, I ruptured my calf while playing tennis and somehow went into work the next day wearing a 20 pound hip to ankle plaster cast...  to a job that wasn't paying me enough to keep my head above water. Since I couldn't drive, I called a friend (not my husband (former husband but at the time husband)) to help me to get to work. Hmmm, realized I needed a little better support after that and maybe a better husband. Took me a long time to listen.

In 2011, I road in a taxi and got brain smacked and had to give up on the going nowhere - starting to work for free - producing mediocre reality tv job and instead focus on getting through graduate school. (One of the hardest and most amazing things I've ever done) Didn't have choice and had to listen.

and now, in 2013 - on a mischievous New Year's Eve - I finally fell head over heels on the truly unstable road! Perhaps all this ankle twisting really means it's time to get some stable shoes. I'm not going to wait to listen.

Every time I've ever been hurt, it was because I needed to stop. I needed to pay attention. I needed to make a commitment or a change. When you get hurt - think about what or why! You can learn from these unexpected injuries.

Our bodies are pretty astute when it comes to telling us what they need. 

I've finally found my way into committing to a stable professional opportunity that will allow me to create, inspire, collaborate and produce with educators, storytellers, and creative minds... and believe it or not kids, it will also pay the bills. 

I am nervous and have a massive challenge ahead, but I am up for it. I'm also incredibly lucky to be working with TWO teams of phenomenal people who are hungry, passionate and excited for making something new. (Not tail kissing here, it's really true)

I'd love to help all y'all find your way to a path equally inspiring and challenging!!! 
(hopefully without the seriously sprained ankle along the way..)

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