Thursday, December 20, 2012

Twas the Night Before the End of the World! Parking Lot Diaries

Gather round little ones.... Let me tell you a story! 

Settling in for a long winter's all nighter, just before the world ended,
little miss Summers McKay
went hard to work on her parking lot reports. 

She was after all such a writer!

She typed about asphalt 
and she clicked about concrete 
and she wondered if she ever again
might feel her feet. 

A month spent stomping about 
had come to an end, 
24 hours from now, neither she nor you 
would ever have to hear about parking lots again! 

But it was with unexpected fondness she recalled, 
the days in Hesperia, the nights in Riverside
and the seemingly endless hours on the road. 

When ever again might she have such a task so pristinely defined?
A purpose, a clear goal, an accomplishment 
to which payment was clearly aligned?

So this cold windy night, she curled up in front of her fire,
The perfect surveyor, she'd imagine she'd aspire...

Nine hours to go, 
she avowed to polish each and every report, 

because her marathon this time 
had been for a purpose, 
for rent, 
for bills 

and for once, not just walking for sport.  


In another world, I learned that the incredibly brilliant and savvy donor I met on Tuesday might in fact be funding the program we are developing at UCLA Anderson to teach other creative and/or engineering/ non business folks the basics of business literacy, and my passionate TV4 continues to percolate with progressive bubbling....

but tonight, it's me and Chianti and the Parking Lot reports.

Happy Winter's Solstice


PS: For those wondering, Chianti is my cat. I'm drinking bourbon.

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