Monday, December 24, 2012

Chasing Christmas

I was curled up, snuggled and chatting with a friend on my couch under my pink and green sparkly Christmas tree a few weeks ago and we got to talking about our favorite Christmas memories.

I recalled the day I descended the stairs in snowy brisk Colorado from my childhood bedroom to see the sparkling tree and underneath it, a meticulously appointed doll house. I must have been four or five. I fell instantly in love. My mother had carpeted and wall papered and pristinely created a wonderful little world, and the dolls included a nanny, who like my idol Mary Poppins, was practically perfect in every way.

My friend remembered the two Christmases he gave his daughters their first bicycles. The precious moment of joy when they both discovered Santa's gifts. He had of course wrapped them in creative treasure hunt finding ways! What fun for those sweet little girls!

There were the years where the families I babysat for had me come over and play Santa's helper the night before Christmas. Being a bit on the handy side, I built dollhouses, bikes, set up computers and televisions. I absolutely LOVED the chance to help them create Christmas morning magic for the little ones I adored.

Christmas as an adult has been confusing. There were the years after we'd lost my brother when frankly there wasn't much to celebrate, and then the years I was married and well - those weren't too fun either and then of course the two years after when I wasn't sure how to make heads or tails of what Christmas might mean!

As we sipped Pear and Apple cider (from Trader Joes - totally delicious) and watched the flickering of the fire and sparkling of my silver and sea shelled ornaments, my friend said that he'd always felt a bit like he was chasing Christmas. Determined to create that joy again for his daughters and find joy therein.

We really are all Chasing Christmas in some way. 
Chasing that perfect idealistic memory as a child 
where wonder, treasures, peace and love align. 

Yesterday I walked along the beach in Santa Monica for the first seriously long workout I've had in over a month and stopped to scratch a message in the sand. I wanted to take a picture to share... Not feeling very Christmasy, I was sort of faking it. I continued on along the water beyond the pier, returning about an hour later to the same spot. About ten people were taking pictures with my message in the sand.

Excited a little girl ran up to me and said, 

"Did you see!?!? It was just right there when we walked up!!!!"

Now I can't be sure if I'll ever have a moment quite as wondrous as the day I saw my dollhouse, but that moment was pretty special too.

We must all take a moment to see Christmas, 
to feel love, 
to know the spirit of giving and generosity
 through the eyes of a child, 
because that is well worth the chase.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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