Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yep, I'm Totally Obsessed - Listening to a Song on Repeat.

I have this terrible habit of getting fixated...

On songs, on ideas, on men, on challenges. Fixated and unable to move on from something I've set my mind to, something I've created in my imagination as the outcome and will not let go until I've had my way. The very worst thing is when all this myopic fixation on an idea, on a man, on a fairy tale, on a challenge, reiterated by some song - combines into one total head full of crazy.

I have this fantastic quality of being determined.....

Determined to accomplish what I've set out to achieve, in careers, in relationships, in opportunities, and when the perfect song becomes the soundtrack of my goal, I am unstoppable.

See what I just did there? Yeah, I took the exact same quality and looked at it through two very different shades.

Earlier today, I was corresponding with a friend from Colorado days about dating adventures. He shared with me the online disaster that had started as a great first few dates and ended when she put that guy from Swingers (the one with the inability to stop leaving messages for that girl he liked) to shame, with a four minute emotional roller coaster of a message..........

Obsessive, emotional, passionate, determined to get her point across.... She scared him right back online!!!

......... So I've like totally done that. Of course my version usually involves terribly poetic emails, long texted epiphanies, followed by urgently apologetic texts for my behavior. I've listened to songs on repeat for hours making up the perfect fairy tale in my mind. I get hooked.... A LOT!!! I admitted to my friend that there are probably quite the handful of men who consider me bat scat nuts.

"Summers, you gotta chill out."

A little later, but still earlier today, I had a conversation with a colleague. We are in the midst of starting a new business, and there are a tremendous amount of challenges ahead in what could be an unbelievable opportunity. I said that he needed to let me know if I was becoming too bullheaded, too determined, too immobile. Oddly enough, his response -

"Someone with your determination, obsessive organization, and commitment 
to getting this done is exactly what we need right now."

Ummmmm hmmmmm.

Well OK. So I guess my conclusion is simple. Listen to whatever song you have in your soundtrack of life on repeat as much as you want, but just be sure to put your passionate energies into things that have a chance..... 

And don't worry. What might make you strongest, might also make you weakest, but that's what every superhero battles! After all, it's the origin of the achilles heel. 

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