Friday, November 16, 2012

Perky Marilyn Type Seeks Protective Werewolf Type - Forget Bella Please! Breaking Dawn - Done

I've already seen Breaking Dawn - Part 2. (The 5th Twilight movie for those who live under a rock or pretentiously pretend they don't follow that silly stuff) and let me tell you this, it's a heck of a ride! NO SPOILERS!!! I promise.


Earlier this week, I received a text from my friend Kevin Winston who runs a technology & media networking group called Digital LA, saying "Are you by any chance a Twilight fan, and would you want to see an early private screening put on by Time Warner Cable?" ..... "And would you admit to it on twitter?"

Ummmm Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Well here's the thing.... I am actually NOT all that much of a Twilight fan.... Yes, I've seen them all, but I find the lead character Bella positively insipid and I'm so not a fan of Mr. Skinny Sparkly. Just not my type. I think the whole breakup/makeup situation was made for media. BUT....

I am a HUGE werewolf fan!!!

Aside from it being a little pervy to watch a young twenty something guy I could have baby sat strip down to his skivvies and anthropomoph into a wolf,  there is just something super sexy about that type of guy. He's strong, protective, animalistic, willing to go full wolf to protect the ones he loves and well maybe get a little wolfy when he's in a passionate mood. It's a type and I dig that type!

Unlike a vampire, who is constantly trying to bury his hunger for destruction and while brooding and handsome, a wee bit whiny and likely manipulative, a werewolf has two very hunky sides. While he might be a little bit cautious of his own power, he isn't really afraid of it.

If you still aren't sure what I mean, here's a comparative list.

Audience reaction concurs, because the amount of cheering when Taylor Lautner appeared on screen was simply uproarious.

A quick non spoiler review of the flick....

A lot magical, a bit of hot burly shirtless Jacob, a little terrifying, a tad cheesy, a heavy dose of questionable stereotyping, heart pumping kissing and tail kicking..... Basically a perfect fairytale.

It was great fun to watch the movie in a room full of passionate fans. We cheered, we laughed, my seat mate (a long lost friend from high school) cried. There really is nothing to replace the experience of watching a movie in a theater.

Of course, watching the other ones at home On Demand, curled up on the couch in front of a fire in nothing but blankets sounds like a pretty good plan for this rainy LA weekend.

Anywolf wanna join? 

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