Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm in Vegas and I'm watching Rudy while blogging at 8:00 PM

It should come as no surprise to most of you that I have found my way back to my room after a day walking the streets of Las Vegas (adjacent) and am watching Rudy, drinking a glass of wine and writing on my iPad. I'm just no Vegas party kinda girl. Being here always gets me thinking.

In the opening of this particular sports hero fairy tale film an annoyingly disdainful instructor/ priest tells his students that

"the problem with dreamers is that they are simply not doers." 

Then he dissuades Rudy from even applying to Notre Dame.

I am one of those dreamers. One of those stupid, silly, optimistic dreamers who gets excited by the gift of a jacket from a school I have yet to attend from a friend who believes in me. I am one of those optimistic dreamers who believes that finding inspiring stories about people who make a difference can and will change the world.

Like Rudy, I've had some unexpected and painful sh*+ go down in my life and faced with mortality and the reality of our temporary influence evolved from one of those dreamers.

I am actually trying to be a doer.

And maybe, just maybe that's why I am in Las Vegas canvassing for President Barack Obama.

Maybe because I believe in unachievable fantasies, fairy tales, utopian happily ever afters and underdogs making the world a better place is precisely why I am here blogging in a hotel room in Vegas.

Three weeks ago I sat across a dinner table from my father who said to me,

"Summers, Women's Rights just aren't that important right now."

Now of course this was in the context of a much larger conversation. One that specifically addressed my current career struggle, my perpetual battle with self confidence and curves, and most importantly in my opinion, a conversation that put policy before people.

That's the thing, I don't and can't and won't every put policy before people. I may always struggle, but chasing a stupid dream, that causes heartache, maybe, just maybe will inspire, empower and impact.

For that, I'm willing to give it a shot.

This Tuesday Kids, PLEASE VOTE 
Whatever you are voting for, whatever means the most to you, I don't care. 
I just want your voice heard. 
We are all in this together.

(Typos forgiven, This was composed on an iPad. Seriously)

Las Vegas, NV - Canvassing Headquarters

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