Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holidays Are Weird and Happy Birthday Brennan

Tonight I sat on my Restoration Hardware by way of the Salvation Army couch after a night of tree trimming with new friends, a party, a festivation, a night we all adore and stared at my own Christmas Tree.

It's pink and green and looks like coral and it's decorated with sea shells and the sterling silver ornaments of my childhood.

The sparkling ornaments are not just from my yesteryears, but also those of my big brother. Every year, we collected them from Santa, his way of paving our history on this curvy road. As kids there always was curiosity of what Santa might think we wanted that year. As teens, we groaned at the choices, and as an adult, I touch each engraved curve with respect.

A toy soldier from the year Brennan was eight because he was a fighter, a dove from last year for me as  there was hope I'd find some peace. A dolphin for the year I moved to Santa Monica and a plane for the year Brennan moved to Alaska.

Santa, or my mother as the case may be, never expected that I would become the holder of both our pasts. I am stronger for knowing him, stronger because he taught me to fight, stronger because we share secrets Mom and Dad will never know.

And holidays are still weird, and your birthday still sucks because I wish I was drinking with you, and I miss you Brennan. But tonight, I'm wearing the dream catcher earrings you gave me that final Christmas, and I'm ready to make some new memories.

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