Monday, October 1, 2012

You Are Who You Are: And I am a POWERBLONDE

Sometime during my first semester of grad school in a marketing class where we were discussing Starbucks for what would be the third of a thousand times in business school, I got to doodling. This is what I drew.

The first week of grad school at UCLA Anderson, a brilliant male classmate of ours called the women in our class the POWERBLONDES and the name stuck.

Regardless of hair color, a POWERBLONDE is a woman who is smart, savvy, feminine, aggressive, ready to support and inspire her classmates and her colleagues. She is a woman, ALL woman, high heels, brains, curves and curls - and not afraid to be a leader.

In 2010 Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook gave a speech where she noted,

"Success and likeability are positively correlated for men and negatively correlated for women."

Unfortunately, it's true.

There was fairly large amount of discussion regarding the budding collaborations between the 14 chicks in our class of 72. I started leading regular girls hikes, in addition to my other duties of cruise directing and drink orchestrating, as class social chair. I received a shocking and unexpectedly aggressive admonishment from one of the dudes in the class.

"How would you feel if we had guys only events?"

Well, I guess I'd feel like a woman in business.

In the past a woman who led generally wasn't liked and in my opinion, it wasn't because she was a witch. It was because the very idea of a real top level leader, someone who stands up, makes decisions, pushes agendas and won't take no for an answer sounds great if you're a dude and like a pain in the tail if you're a chick.

I once had a friend say she never wanted to be seen as a "woman in business" which truly broke my heart.  The very idea that she would want to ignore her femininity so as to create opportunity made me sad. I also totally get it. Being a woman in business in the past has meant that she must choose between being a leader and being likeable.

How bout this as a new mantra.

"Don't make me be a witch to lead
and just cuz I'm in charge, don't think I'm a witch." 
 (Yes, replace w with b - if you are really feisty)

This is precisely what got me obsessed with the idea of POWERBLONDES and Caution Curves Ahead.

This is why I am celebrating Yahoo!'s Marissa Mayer CEO AND Baby Momma status updates. The new feminism is about embracing all that makes us feminine and strong including what allows us to be mothers and leaders. The two are not mutually exclusive.

This is why I have no problem admitting that this afternoon, before I go onto today's HuffPost Live - with the ever fabulous total POWERBLONDE Nancy Redd I am going to workout my curves super duper hard on the Santa Monica stairs and take time to do my hair and makeup meticulously.

Because I am ALL WOMAN
and I'm also pretty darn likeable.

A woman on a mission... at a mission... literally

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