Friday, October 5, 2012

What's Caution Curves Ahead About? Ask my Advertisers then Ask OKCupid!!!

I had a meeting today with someone in the biz.... someone who has been helping inspire Caution Curves Ahead writing for a long time and has now got some pretty creative ideas about opportunities for what the road ahead could look like.

As we all know, when I started this blog a year ago, it was mostly to entertain myself and you all with silly, honest, reflective stories about my life and experience. It was time (much to my mother's chagrin) to put it all out there. As someone who has loved telling stories since the day she could talk, with your encouragement, this has been a lovely place to do so. 

So thank you. Thank you for letting me safely and honestly share. Thank you for letting me build up a portfolio of written work, practice playing with words, and develop a voice that I had quieted for quite some time. 

I was tasked with putting together a book proposal for Caution Curves Ahead. As a person well acquainted with the world of branding, project scoping, and writing, this would be cake! 

I decided to not just put my own opinion out there, but to also look to the types of advertisers that have found there way onto my site over the last few months. What's my brand? Well.... let's ask Google what they think.

Well..... according to Google I am a woman who hates bullies, is considering getting an MBA or attending Electrician School, who has a frequent flyer possibly escapist addiction, a need for occasional corrective makeup and elderly chair lifts with a penchant for fitness and Christian singles.....

According to OK Cupid, I'm a good candidate to take on a polyamorous relationship with a nice young couple looking for a girlfriend....


Have a great weekend kids! 

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