Monday, October 15, 2012

We are fragile but we are strong.

This morning I awoke before dawn and climbed a mountain with a dear friend. We watched the sun make its way out of night's darkness and slowly warm the Santa Monica hillside. We stopped to catch our breath here and there and noticed just how beautiful the morning seemed. A few miles above the ocean, perched atop our favorite perch, we watched the day begin.

"It's like it's fake." she remarked.

It was. Almost too pretty, too perfect, too serene - yet crisp and real. We watched millions of households wake up to an Indian Summer California day. As I have many times in my life, I expressed gratitude for this life I have been given.

"My God, we are lucky."

While on our rocky perch, I thought of one of my best friend's mothers who passed away four years ago this day. How rich in laughter, generous in soul and kind she was. I am lucky to have known her. I am grateful for the love she brought to my life. A morning like that was a tribute to her inspiring fiery spirit.

As we descended, we made our usual affirmations to make this week better than the last, to achieve goals, to continue to fight for something extraordinary. I was especially inspired, and felt I had to thank not only my climbing partner, but also the angels who were looking over me.

Upon returning home, I received a call from my friend who lost his mom four years ago, only to learn that another of our dearest of friends, a family I have known since birth, had also just lost their matriarch. I fell to my knees in shock, misunderstanding and anger.

How - Why - What???? There were no words.

To the two blessed motherly angels who watch over us now,

"Thank you for my closest of friends. You brought them into the world, and thus into my life. Without them, I could never have survived my most trying of times."

To my friends with broken hearts,

Please know that there are angels watching and as I have found with my brother, they will surprise you when you need them most. Until then, I am here for you.

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