Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Humpday Top 5 List - How to Use This Humpday to Make Next Humpday better!

Yeah, right.....

I woke up this morning feeling the insane weight of Humpday. How is it already Wednesday? How have I not accomplished all I set out to accomplish? Where is my to do list? Man, I forgot to call that guy back. Rats - today's gonna blow.

What is it about Humpday that makes us feel less than jazzed? It's basically when you wake up from the enthusiasm hangover of an inspired weekend, an optimistic Monday, a trudging Tuesday and there it is. The middle of the week...

Here are the Caution Curves Ahead: Top 5 Tips to use this Humpday to make next Humpday better.

1) Get Sweaty and Be Sweaty at least five times between now and your next Humpday.

Yeah, that's kind of always my solution for everything but there is no question that just 30 minutes of a hot and sweaty session, on a bike, on a track, on some stairs, or even on your living room floor WILL give you the endorphins needed to lift your spirit. Countless studies show that people who get sweaty regularly are generally more optimistic, more productive, and more likely to be leaders in their fields. I find sweating WITH someone is way more fun, but you CAN do it alone. So my darlings, find a way to sweat - at least five times between now and next hump day.

2) Make a Do Me List (A, B, C, D) 

This is different than a To Do List - this is an ACTIVE commit to it list of four or five things you WILL check off between now and your next hump day. Don't overreach on this one, because it's not about climbing mountains. It's about deciding to do something and checking it off once it's done. Here's mine.

Do Me
A) List Wedding Dress on Used Wedding Dress Website to Sell
B) Call my grandmother (without my parents reminding me)
C) Follow up with that guy from LinkedIn who had that business idea.
D) At home manicure/ pedicure.

3) Commit to Drinking 

Water. Yep it's simple. Something we all need to do a lot more of. Find a 1 liter bottle, (I'd recommend THIS one) find a tap, fill it up and get guzzling 4x per day. Your brain will work better and you'll feel smarter and sexier. I promise.

Liquid Sexy

4) Have Some Phone Fun

Take 15 minutes to get on the phone with someone you have enjoyed working with in the past, inspires you, or always makes you laugh. It is amazing how much clarity can come from just relaxing a little bit and sharing ideas with a friend and colleague. I personally chatted this morning over coffee while still in my bathrobe with a friend from UCLA Anderson and we talked about LinkedIn Accounts, business ideas, why we all need jobs and dating disasters. (Mine - not his). If you make a point to reach out to someone who makes you think outside of the box at least once a week, you won't feel so boxed in when Humpday comes.

Yes, I still have a land line AND a princess phone.

5) Get Flexible, Get Zen

Now I'm not just talking about working on your downward dog or getting good at toe touching, which are obviously critical components to any good Humpday. I'm also suggesting you build in some flexibility in your schedule and be prepared for things to change by way of meditation. Try to give yourself 20 minutes in the morning and at night where you have planned for NOTHING. Knowing that you have that anchor during the day to do NOTHING, (some might call it meditation) will allow you to be more dynamic when there are sudden shifts or shocks to your system.

Click to read the article about how they do it at Harvard.

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