Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Raise a Glass to Etiquette, Kindness and Elegance - Letitia Baldrige

Seeking some Halloween inspiration today, I started clicking through the New York Times obituaries.......  and sure enough I found myself a truly Caution Curves Ahead kinda woman.

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times
Letitia Baldrige in May 1998 at New York’s La Côte Basque, which had been a regular dining spot for the Kennedy family
Letitia Baldrige made being a lady, serenity and grace a business. A successful career in etiquette, inspiration, and writing, Letitia Baldrige found that despite a degree from Vassar she still had to learn secretarial skills in order to get a gig in the US at the outset. After working as a director at Tiffany & Co she joined Jackie O at The White House as Social Secretary. She's your inspiration for the day.

"Ms. Baldrige, who stood 6 feet 1 inch tall and became known for her elegant silver hair, long contended that the heart of all etiquette was consideration for other people, rather than a rigid set of rules."

Now I was raised with utmost education in etiquette; cotillion with white gloves, manners class over tea, and two - YES TWO Emily Post Guides to Wedding Etiquette gifted upon my engagement to my former husband. I know what fork to use and although I'm terrible at consistency can write a pretty good thank you note when I get around to it. But here's the thing about manners, sometimes the people with the most refined of manners are just plain mean! Good manners are not a get out of jail free card for being a jerk!

We've all been in a position where there was a self serving or kind thing to do. I think one of the key tenets of living a Caution Curves Ahead mantra is to know that consideration and kindness should trump what feels good in the interim. Thinking about others, caring for, inspiring and protecting others should drive your decisions as a friend, a family member, and as a leader.

I'm back to the job applying process, so that's all I have time to share today! But I'll leave you with a truly Caution Curves Ahead quote from Ms. Baldrige.

“There are major C.E.O.’s who do not know how to hold a knife and fork properly, but I don’t worry about that as much as the lack of kindness,”

Be kind my darlings, and have a mischievous Halloween.

Check out the NYT article for more.

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