Friday, October 19, 2012

Live a Life Less Ordinary with Me

In April of 2009 I found myself sitting on the banks of Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas in a hammock at the Ritz Carlton contemplating what was next in my life. I wasn't actually staying at the Ritz Carlton, I just had been there before and knew it was a pretty good perch.

That week I had spent time with a client of mine at the world's largest antique market in Round Top, Texas and watched thousands of people descend on a very small town with a very big open space to treasure hunt.

I was there as a manager trying to help develop a television series about the women who run Junk Gypsy. I had bought my own ticket to Austin since my company didn't want to actually pay to send me but I was determined these women were worth the trip! Inspiring, passionate and adventurous, the women from Junk Gypsy had their finger on the pulse of something amazing.

I had sat under the stars with new friends and too much diet coke and red wine, (yes that's a thing at the Warrenton Antiques Weekend) after a wild and silly Junk Gypsy Prom Night staring at the night sky thinking about the kinds of treasures I might want to hunt.

I knew things had to change. I knew I needed to quit my job. I was working for a company that made me pay for my own hotels on business trips. I knew I needed to redefine myself professionally. The last thing I had produced was a fitness DVD series for a less than savory magazine. I was ready for reinvention.

I just wasn't sure what it might look like.

Watching a couple of ducks treading water on the lake, I wondered what was next. All of the sudden a song I'd never heard before, a song I never downloaded, a song I didn't know came onto my iPod. The lyrics,

"Live a life less ordinary, live a life extraordinary with me."

An unexpected anthem came melodically into my life. A song by a band from Richmond, Virginia called Carbon Leaf literally found me. Perhaps it was some sort of iTunes of the week download or a compilation of some kind, I'll never know but it invigorated my desire to start anew.

I realized that while I did not know what it might look like, my life was something that must be lived in an extraordinary way. I was going to seek out partners, collaborators and friends who also wanted the extraordinary. I was done accepting the ordinary.

The weekend I had just spent was simply extraordinary and that perch, that view, that song made it clear that it was the beginning of something different.

I pressed repeat twenty or so times before meeting up with a new friend who had offered to return me to the airport. My life has been on a new journey since and I am grateful.

Choosing the extraordinary has meant that certain things won't come easy, but the experiences I will have are unparalleled. I will go to Ethiopia, Italy, Mexico, China and Vietnam in a year. I will learn about Economics from Econ Gods while writing about dating for an online dating website and celebrity news for a new magazine. I will interview amazing filmmakers, philanthropists and business people, and I will be inspired.

I will also be begging my friends to let me write their LinkedIn profiles so I can make rent.
Hmmm - maybe I'm taking this a bit too far... ;-)

So here's my advice to all of you. Take a moment to look around you and find the precious, the extraordinary, the meaningful and embrace it. Something about your life is far from ordinary.

Share with me what you are grateful for. 
We are all extraordinary.

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