Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Girl's Gotta Make A Living!! Caution Curves Ahead Gear Now For Sale

If you really want some CCA Gear (which I would be HONORED if you do) you can get it here!!!!

I've ordered, worn, drank out of, used and washed everything, and they are all pretty freaking adorable. I am particularly addicted to the stainless steel water bottle, the coffee mug and the long sleeve shirt. 

My workout partners can attest to the fact that the shirt literally makes people smile when they see it! 

Spread joy ladies! 
You know you wanna!!!

I am making a very small margin to try to keep these affordable. Cafe Press handles all the fulfillment and processing, (roughly $3-6/ item). Maybe, just maybe if I sell enough of em, I can pay my electricity bill this month or rent next month???

Thank you for all your support of my endeavors. As many of you know, the sole purpose of Caution Curves Ahead is to inspire courage and empower its audience to reach beyond their perceived limits - physical, creative, emotional and intellectual limits. 

We are far stronger than we can ever imagine. 

While I am getting a little stressed because this literally is an uphill battle, I am still determined to figure out how to do good for the world, inspiring and empowering - one story at a time. 
The community you are helping me build is extraordinary. 

Thank you!


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