Monday, September 24, 2012

You Are Who You Are: I am Mud and Whitney Kropp Stands Up Against Bullies

Wow -  OMG - Holy Humbled by your Tail Kickery Whitney Kropp!!!!!!

I have just come across the most amazing Caution Curves Ahead kind of story about a sassy strong gal that I must share with you. Most of us have been there. Most of us have made our way through the pre-teen years and the teen years with our share of humiliating moments and Mean Girl Mean Girlery.

Whitney Kropp was elected to her homecoming court as a joke by the cool kids. She's a lovely teenager growing up in West Branch, Michigan. Not a whole lot different than my days in Cherry Hills. The boy who was selected with her on the homecoming court at Ogemaw Heights High School dropped out because he didn't want to be seen with her. Dumba$$.

Instead of being humiliated, she stood strong, kept her place on the court and is now 16k on her way to FB awesome!!! Forbes has already covered her. My bet, she'll be on Today tomorrow.

She's so rad, she's on Forbes!!!!

This is precisely why I believe in social media as a way to improve the world. Collective and harnessed positive energy to support someone who needs it, propel positive because it's the right thing to do, share the inspired, empowered and have an impact!

In first grade I somehow got the nickname Mud. Don't know why, don't know how. It came with a fair amount of mud throwing at recess. I had a record with a song on it called Muddy Mud Puddle Land and decided to perform it for our talent show. No Way Jose was the word Mud going to be a bad thing. C'mon!!  Even now, I adore playing in the mud.

Happy that my secret nickname was Mud
When I was in fourth grade in lovely little Cherry Hills, Colorado my entire soccer team, my first fellow Golden Bears, brought extra water bottles to practice and after we ran drills, drenched the daylights out of me while I was trapped between cleats and the goal post. Thankfully one of my maybe tormentor's moms picked me up and drove me home since soaking, bruised and crying I was having a wee bit of trouble navigating my bike on that fall afternoon.

One day, I realized there were more nerds than cool kids and well, technically speaking, that made us more popular. Maybe I am better at math than I thought! 

You Are Who You Are: Journal Entry @ 9

"Bullies are silly because no one is scared of them because they are the ones who are scared of other people." 

Since those days - my maybe tormentors and I have all found one another on Facebook and it seems pretty clear that we all suffered our days of crap. We all survived. We are all good, and we even occasionally "like" each other's baby updates and vacation pictures.

Miss Kropp you inspire! Good for you! You inspire a whole lot of people out there! Keep strong, be beautiful inside and out and know that this is only the start of the road ahead for you! Curves and all, you'll take em like the graceful woman you are!


Give her some love on Facebook! 16k friends and counting!!!!!

UPDATED DIGITS!!!!! 50,187 Supporters and growing!!!

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