Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Post Memorial Monday Blues? I Think I Wanna Marry You


Did you have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend?

Did you get out and play in the sun, drink something refreshing at a BBQ, celebrate with friends and maybe get a little sunburned? Did the kid inside get a little mischievous? From what I can tell from my facebook stream, there was a whole lotta fun having, love sharing, sunset watching patriot inspired stuff going down.

I actually got out a bit myself and have a cute new set of curve defining tan lines! I worked on my fitness soul with hikes with friends, went wine tasting with amazing women at Harry's Wine & Spirits in Brentwood and swam out to the buoy and back in the big blue Pacific! SO EXCITED TO BE MERMAIDING AGAIN!

On Memorial Day I was lucky enough to get on the phone with my amazing thesis team at 10:02 AM while drinking Ethiopian coffee. Just three pots left of the beans :-( and worked on our presentation (It's getting really really good). Then I got to wander for a little bit on the beach and do some soul searching with a friend. (Much much needed soul searching)

My day ended with a really crazy fun BBQ with inspiring business collaborators at a new friend's in Brentwood, a superbly tawny neighborhood way out of my reach these days, (being a grad student and everything) in a house that was an impeccable tribute to Americana. The evening concluded by dancing to some great original surf musicians alongside political insiders and Mary Hart under a crescent moon on a tennis court. A pretty cool weekend indeed.

(Of course there was that whole insane gunman loose in my neighborhood thing which was a little hiccup in the middle and I managed to put my phone through the washing machine - but highs and lows right?)

3/4 of the way through my post Memorial Day Tuesday I started getting a little pouty. Shouldn't every weekend last forever? Shouldn't we always be playful, happy, sunning, sweating and maybe just maybe a little bit romantic? Why can't every day be that fun?  

(Yes imagine a 6 year old who is fairly sure she's either a princess or an angel right now.)

Then I came across the POSITIVELY PERFECT antidote for Tuesday, actually Anyday blues. Keep this one in your artillery kids. It will make you smile whenever you need it!

It also WILL further prove my point that it's time we listen to what the audience is saying and put energy into creating positive, happy, inspired stuff! THIS has been seen by 6M people in 3 days. #ReinventingTelevision #DoSomeGood

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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