Thursday, April 5, 2012

Questionable Tan Lines - Match.Com - And 72 days to go!

Yes - my legs are still oddly tanned. I was Neapolitan for a while, red, white and sorta tan. Then I was flaky as the red sloughed itself off, and now I've got really really tan shins and calves and really white knees and thighs - HOT

Unfortunately I'm not sure when I'm getting back out into the sun again - because I've got 72 days to finish up my graduate thesis project, wrap up strategy class, finish my HR presentation, nail an Entertainment Marketing midterm and final project, and maybe, just maybe..... get a real job again.

Sounds like I've got plenty of time right? - NOT

On top of all that I've decided to join (My mother is going to kill me when she reads this) As I've previously mentioned the last time I was technically single and dating I barely had a cell phone, Facebook didn't exist, and twitter was for the birds. The internet was Craig's List and email marketing was all the rage. It was 2001!!!

As I've been writing the book Naked with Chanel No. 5 these last few weeks, I've come to realize that it's probably time to get back out there and date. I've learned a lot about myself by my self imposed quarantine and the time is right to see how that girl plays in the real world. My buddy Chris is an avid'r and he got me thinking. 

I keep calling the internet, twitter, and Facebook the most powerful communication device the world has ever known... So is it true? I've harrumphed and guffawed at online dating, saying "it's totally not for me." but how can I be so narrow minded if in fact I'm determined to prove that social media is as important as television media?

OK fine - I'm also kinda sorta curious what happens and if there are any great guys to meet.  Here goes!

So far - this guy favorited me

Let's see what comes of the next 72 days!

Can I knock it out of the park with the rest of school, write regularly, finish Naked with Chanel No. 5 and figure out how to get paid doing what I love and go out on a few nice dates and maybe meet someone to take to my graduation party? It's worth a shot!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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