Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sometimes All You Need is a Quickie!

Sometimes, all you have time for is a quickie and often that's all it takes to lift your spirits and keep you on track. There are all kinds of quickies worth having - here are a few of my favs.

My Favorite Mood Lifting Quickies

Heart Beating -  20 minute run (or super fast walk) - Get out, get sweaty, feel your heartbeat in your throat, and raise your body temp. This followed by a quickie shower - is totally fantabulous. You really can do it any time.
In Person

Smile Inducing - A 5 minute call with a really great friend. Pick up the phone, call your favorite pal and unload for two minutes and offer him/her the chance to do the same. Then agree to giggle for the remaining minute.
On the Phone

Body Stretching - 15 minutes of Yoga. - Downward Dog It - Cat Stretch It - and extend those limbs. You will feel perkier and rejuvenated. Try THIS ONE if you need some inspiration.

Keeping Flexible

Naughty Voyeurism - 10 minutes on Perez Hilton . Now this must be a very limited quickie because it positively has the capacity to last much much longer than allowed and some might say is addicting. But every once in a while a few minutes spent with the latest celebrity disaster can be mood lifting.

On the Internet

and lastly -

At the Top of My Lungs! 12 minutes with my favorite songs. Have your playlist ready and blast em out. Sing them at top volume in your car. HERE'S MINE

In the Car

Whatever kind of day you are having,
there's always time for a quickie. 

It makes just about everything better. 

(c'mon what did you THINK 
this post was going to be about?!?!?!)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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