Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weightloss Flatline...... Ice Cream'll Do That!

Guess what happens when you eat everything you want, get incredibly busy with work, family, school, life - throw a delicious dinner party for 28 with homemade dessert the weekend BEFORE you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and you enjoy plenty of delicious wine,  eat lots of yummy chocolate (hostess gifts), and you don't work out as much as you should - SHOCKER - You don't lose weight! And in most cases (including mine) you gain some back. I'm back up 1.6 pounds.

Yep, last week I never got around to getting measured by my dear doc Ilya and thus never blogged my digits. Then I just sorta put the whole Caution Curves Ahead mantra in the back of my mind... and guess what! 13 days went by.  Anyone who has been down this road knows what it's like. You start feeling confident, comfortable, enthused and next thing you know - you've taken your eye off the ball. It's the holidays after all.

I'm not going to let this little hiatus last a day longer and you shouldn't either. This morning - I got up bright an early - enjoyed a kinda strange Trim 360 90 calories omelet thing (probably chefs error) and am heading out to pound some pavement. Today - it's water water water, healthy food choices, and a reminder that it's easy to lose as long as you focus on losing - so this week I'm getting back into losing.

Now one last note: I did manage to knock out a 10K Turkey Trot with my fellow Caution Curves Aheaders Brian, Margot, Laura and Bruce (among others who might kill me if I put them in this blog) in 1:12 on Thanksgiving Day. Well worth it! #FitnessIsAParty and it was a great way to see some really good friends.

AND - If I can maintain a 12 minute mile pace for the whole marathon - I'll make my goal of under 5 hours!

Ok one more last note: Yummy homemade dessert recipe:

Summers Fall Sundaes: Gingerbread Cake Bits topped with Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Chopped Partially Ripened Dates, Persimmons, Fall Peaches and drizzled with homemade Cranberry Caramel.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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