Thursday, November 3, 2011

OMG GRUMPY - Overcoming a fitness funk. I'm trying.....

Mad Men Icon Inspired
After a crazy inspired ten mile run and a pretty good day on the scale on Sunday, all sorts of enthusiasm and energy on Monday (Halloween - and while I didn't log it, walking up and down Santa Monica Blvd for four hours wearing high heels dressed as Joan from Mad Men totally counts as exercise) I freaking crashed.

Yep - no energy, grumpy mood, tons of work and studying to do and not even an ounce of interest in the idea of exercising. Not An Ounce! I skipped Tuesday and planned for Wednesday. Then my hiking partner's kid broke his hand and she had other you know - 'more important' commitments so I skipped Wednesday as well. ("Because why would I hike alone?" - asks the girl who actually adores hiking alone)

When I finally made it back to the gym today for my favorite hour of spin and hour of yoga, I was less than enthused.  Every turn of the wheel on that damn bike felt like an imposition on my body. Not even Gaga's Baby You Were Born This Way could get me out of the funk. Every Standing Tree pose was downright offensive to my thighs and depsite a whole lotta sweat and a whole lotta 'Oms', I'm still grumpy.

I discussed my fitness funk with my glorious spin instructor Diana and she enlightened me. She said that it was a pretty common thing, when one is losing weight. Your body starts to change and you are sort of fitting into a new physical existence. Energy definitely wanes because your body (and your mind) are trying to convince you to go right back where you were. Rubber band effect. This is true not only in weight loss, but also in life. How many times have we all started down the road towards a big goal and our subconscious pulled us right back? Don't know about you, but mine clearly is trying.

The challenge now is to push through it. To stay on track and not go gobble up the nearest burger AND fries combined with a few days of sitting around. Instead, I'm going to embrace my grumpy throw a few quiet hrrumphs around and know that this is just part of the process.

Not all parts of working towards a goal are fun. Some days just kinda blow and you'd rather curl up in bed with fro-yo. But, all is not lost if energy wanes here and there. Sometimes you best just acknowledge your grumpy, know that life's road will throw you a few unexpected curves, and not lose the faith.

Who's with me? Seriously kids - this time, I know you all are with me!

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