Monday, November 14, 2011

It Takes a Village - Up or down 1.8?!?!?! Guesses?

So I'll admit, yesterday when I stepped on the scale for my weekly engagement with that super annoying device, I thought there was no way in hell that I could have lost any weight whatsoever. The week generally speaking was sort of a wash. I started off in a bad enough mood that eating right was the last thing on my mind. I made a point to exercise and keep my spirits up with solid musical choices, but keeping track of food, watching my diet, when I'm struggling to get all the work I need to get done, done - and trying to remind myself that curves in the road of life are part of the game - yeah - not gonna happen.

So I took off every last bit of clothing (which I always do) but this time I made sure I wasn't wearing earrings, and inhaled deeply, pressed the on button and exhaled before stepping on... expecting the worst.

See despite convincing myself in writing that it's just a scale and means nothing, when you've put it out there on the interweb you are losing weight and committed to a mentor and friend to follow his system - it's just plain scary.

It was like a total Biggest Loser moment, the scale ticked up, down, up, down, and then settled on a number.  

A number that was 1.8 pounds less than the week prior. 

Puzzled, I stepped off. Should I run from the bathroom and appreciate the scale's error? Nope, I am going to check again. Negative 1.8. Again - Negative 1.8.

So what happened? How did I manage to actually lose weight on a week when just about everything went wrong? How do I weigh 9.1 pounds less today than when I started three weeks ago? Well I realized simply put,

It takes a village.

In my other job, as a contributing writer and guest editor for The Morton Report, I've been curating a friend of mine, Andy Baldwin's blog about a recent medical mission to Africa, so that elegant proverb has been resonating in my head for months. I realized it applies not just to the children of the world, but to all our own individual goals.

My village this past week included my friends and workout partners, thank you Anne and Jessica, my spin instructor - Diana, my yoga teacher - Jonathan, my weight loss guru - Ilya and well, all you readers. You guys are my village, so thanks.

Even when I could barely keep my emotions on track, I was able to stick to a moderately healthy food plan by using the Trim 360 food options, moderated portions of protein, carbs, and calories. I spent my time with people who inspired and empowered, and low and behold - those pounds kept coming off.

So, not to kick a gift horse in the mouth (yes, I actually thought that was the phrase as a kid) I'm taking on this week with the same dedication to exercise and a renewed commitment to nutrition. Meal plans, commitment to healthy foods, making sure I feed my body AND my soul with the right stuff, because you never know when an unexpected curve might throw you off your game. With the right support, surrounded by a village, you can stay on track!

Wanna know more about the program I'm following? Ask me questions here - or at the site. Here's my official Trim360 Blog.

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