Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So What's the deal with Summers & Trim360?

So I am about to meet with my dietitian, Anna Rachman and my doctor Ilya Rachman and I figure now is as good of a time as any to explain who they are and why I'm working with them on this weight loss/ marathon running adventure.

Ilya and I are currently classmates at UCLA's Anderson School of Management and have spent roughly 300 hours in class together. We've had a lot of fun studying, some not-so-much-fun test taking, and most of all realized that the collective brilliance and network classmates are our biggest assets. So when he asked me for help with Trim360 on coming with ideas for social media, community development and brand expansion - I of course agreed! It took me a few days to think about the best way to approach this, when I realized - there is no better way to figure something out than to just do it yourself. 

So there you go......

In exchange for training/ coaching by his team, all the Trim 360 food a girl should eat, and a whole lot of creative exchange and support - I agreed to help him out! Here's what I want to learn with him - and I need your help too. Let's start the dialogue!

1) What are the most common challenges we all face in the weight loss world and what resources are available online for all of us? What do we wish we had?

2) How can Social Media help or hurt in a weight loss endeavor? Does showing your cards to the world keep you honest??  Can and will it inspire others?

3) What happens when someone - who is not a paid spokes model - takes on a weight loss campaign and also lives her normal life? How does it really work and how long does it really take when you aren't a by-the-book kinda gal.

So no, I'm not paid by Trim 360 - or any weight loss company for this blog. I've been on just about every program under the sun at this point so yes - I can say with confidence I'm a realistic reviewer of the process. This blog is a 100% honest telling of my personal tale in shrinking my tail.

Stay tuned - 1st round of pounds lost coming every Saturday! I'll share if you do!

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