Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pounding Down! This week's weight loss digits & fitness bits...

The first week of any weight loss program is always super awesome. You're energized, enthused, you have a plan and it's game on!! Who hasn't experienced that? That adrenaline high, sense of purpose and resolve feels pretty darn awesome. So I say "Hell Yes!!!"

My first week in, I've played around with the Trim360 food, made exercise a priority, took my vitamins, lotsa stretching, lotsa water, decent sleep and BAMN!

That mean scale is telling me 
that I've lost  
5.4 pounds.

What?!?!?! No way, so I'm a quarter of the way to my goal. This is gonna be easy ;-)

OK, OK - so I know it's not really going to be easy. Those 5.4 come from a lot of different sources - water being one.

It's still 5.4 pounds!!!!!!

Yet I'm anchored by all of that measured trepidation:

"Great well that was easy, but can I sustain it?"

"Good job, but don't count your chickens..."

"Hooray, but can you do it again?"

(imagine a little pixie in my head couching all success with skepticism) 

For today, just today - THERE IS NO BUT. I worked my awesome curvy BUTT off this week, ate less calories than I burned, exercised hard, committed to my success and that deserves a Woot Woot.

Yesterday an administrator/mentor/friend of mine at UCLA and I were talking about my second year in "learn to be a business person" school, and I thanked her for always being supportive of my achievements. You see, my first semester's grades were a little "rocky" and I had some recovery work to do in order to get my GPA back up. She and the dean had made it clear, grades up or Summers is out!

I replied that getting an A in graduate school for a writer when competing against finance folks was like trying to win a marathon against a Kenyan.... but I'd give it a try. So I fought like hell, hired tutors, gave it the time needed, learned how to study again and guess what - I made it to year two, and I've even got a few As to show for it!

She reminded me that not only our challenges should be noted, but also our successes should be applauded. With hard work, effort, determination,

"The sky really is the limit."

So that's it - This week, I lost over 5 pounds. I clocked over twenty miles and I had fun. How'd you do this week? Comment if you'd like, but even if you don't know you've got an uncouched, no buts about it, CONGRATULATIONS for whatever you achieved from me!

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