Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scales are Mean, Measuring Tapes Suck, and Here are My Digits!!!!

Lotsa ways to measure how fit you are.... Inches, curves, clothes, cholesterol, cardio, and then there's this one..... Man do I hate the scale.... but OK - time to work off all that wine, cheese, and luxuriating in Italy this past summer, I suppose.

See, I haven't weighed myself in almost two years. While I learned how to make a food diary at the ripe old age of eleven and was bound to the digits on the scale for almost twenty years, I was over it. The numbers haunted me, judged me, had an opinion about my self worth.... oh wait, no they didn't.

I chucked my scale and frankly am probably in better emotional shape then I've been since, BUT and there is a BUT - I'm not in the "tip-top-bomb-booty-body" shape I wish I was in. So I headed over to Target (said the french way) and purchased myself a scale. It also tells me lots of other fancy stuff like body water and fat percentage and I'm kinda a data junkie, so it works.

In order to reach any GOAL, you have to know precisely where you are starting from and where you are going. (I learned that one in business school). Fine, OK - I agreed to not only getting on this scale, but also to letting my weight loss guru, Dr. Ilya Rachman measure me. Yep... I need a baseline, a measuring device, and well, I suppose I best just lay it out there.

Here are my rules.

1) This weighing and measuring thing will happen ONLY once a week on Saturday mornings and I'm posting inches every other week and pounds lost weekly. I will be honest. BUT I want you to do the same thing too. Be honest with yourself. What did you lose or gain this week and what contributed to it?

2) It's just a scale and just a piece of flexible tape. That's it. It means nothing more than what we weigh or the inches we have and that's only one measure of our fitness, and not a measure of self worth.

3) Ups & downs. I'll give you my baseline measurements, cuz I think there funny, but NOT my weight. We all have different body comps, and your weight and my weight have nothing to do with one another. Frankly nobody should ever ask you for those kinda digits, unless you are competing on The Biggest Loser and then it's fair game since there's money on the line.

Yep, baby got back......
What you got?!?!?

Alright kids, here we go.

October 20, 2011

Chest - 38

Waist - 32

Hips - 47

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