Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Darlings - My Opinion Be Naughty All Year Round

Like this bra?!? See it in Color
Lalas Couture
I used to get annoyed with women on Halloween. Just a stupid day to dress up slutty and get drunk, but then I found my inner Lala.

What's an inner Lala?!?! It's that sexy vixen seductress within who knows that by living healthy, inspired, and empowered - no matter what she weighs, she can certainly turn some heads. Yep, I've got one and so do you!

The Lalas Burlesque is a fabulous troupe here in Los Angeles and I have been inspired by their "find your inner sexy" mantra. If you want to read my interview with the troupe's awesome creator, Erin Lamont on The Morton Report, click here

Nothing says Caution Curves Ahead quite like a sexy burlesque seductress and here's the deal - every woman has one. Of course there are times in your life when you're feeling slightly less than hot but then there are times when it seems that even your subtlest of smiles can get tongues wagging. Guess what... it has very little to do with how much you weigh and a whole lot more to do with how you feel!

We women are just plain sexy. Our curves, our minds, our hearts - we rock! My guess is that inner Jessica Rabbit or Sexy Angel is there all year round. Maybe you can't get away with wearing that costume in November, but it doesn't mean you can't tap into her attitude whenever you put on that sexy wrap dress, boots, and tights.

The Lalas Burlesque

Don't leave your inner Lala tucked away with your costume after tonight's festivities end. 
Invite her out to play - all year round.

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